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Services for Individuals and Employers

ESCC uses funds available under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) from the Bay Consortium Workforce Development Board to help learners participate in full and part-time academic/training programs.

Eligibility Counseling and Review

Individuals meeting the WIOA eligibility criteria and the College’s admission requirements and are willing to accept employment upon completion of the program may qualify for an array of services including:

  • Funding for tuition, books and supplies
  • Career and academic assessment
  • Planning and counseling

Other supportive services such as job readiness classes, transportation and job placement assistance will be provided as needed for each individual.

All individuals requesting assistance from the Workforce Investment Act must submit a WIOA application and complete an interview and placement test prior to enrolling.

An ESCC application must also be completed along with any other college entrance requirements including high school/college transcripts.

Academic and Career Assessment, Counseling, and Planning

These services are designed to help youth and adults identify their own interests, skills, abilities and aptitudes. This information is used to help the individual to determine how to achieve personal and career goals. WIOA staff will provide career planning assistance to help youth and adults achieve their goals.

Enrollment in a training or academic program at the College has proven successful for many individuals and has provided the skills necessary to meet individual goals. Personal and academic counseling services are available through the College, or by referral to other organizations/agencies.

Job Readiness Classes

Job Readiness Classes cover the general skills needed to get and keep a job and include topics such as filling out applications, resumes, mock interviews, and general and specific job requirements (timeliness, attitude, communications skills, personal hygiene, proper clothing and work equipment, etc.).


The College provides free or reduced-fare bus transportation to the College on fixed routes provided by Star Transit, except for the green and ruby routes.  In order to be eligible to receive this transportation, students must present an ESCC student identification card to the Star Transit bus driver which is validated for the current semester.

Currently, the bus system serves the College Monday through Friday during daytime hours. A listing of arrival and departure times is available from the ESCC receptionist.

Job Placement Assistance

Placement upon successful completion of a training or academic program is a highly cooperative effort of the College’s placement service, staff, the Virginia Employment Commission, and other job services.

Individuals seeking employment can access ALEX, the Virginia Workforce Connection, America’s Job Bank, and other local and national sources of job information available in the college’s Learning Resources Center .

On-the-Job Training

This program is available to individuals and employers meeting WIOA eligibility guidelines. Limited funding is available to enable employers to offset the cost of training a new employee for an entry-level job (such as a carpenter’s helper, plumber’s helper, cook, boat builder.)

The job must be a full-time position. Up to 50 percent (50%) of the trainee’s wages may be reimbursed by Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act funds.

Tina Stratton-Taylor
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Services
WDS Room 112

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