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Adult Education and GED


Amy Shockley
, Program Coordinator, Adult Education

Sabina Lovett, Data/Financial Specialist

Eastern Shore Community College’s Adult Education Program, in cooperation with the Accomack and Northampton County School Divisions, serves adults, age 18 and older, who wish to improve their basic academic skills in reading, writing and mathematics and/or improve English language skills.


  • To provide educational services that will lead to a GED for adults.
  • To provide instructional services to adults to prepare them for the changing work force and assist them in helping their children to succeed in school.
  • To provide English language instruction to non-native English speakers on the Eastern Shore.
  • To assist learners in developing their abilities to navigate within American society through both language instruction and cultural awareness.
  • To empower individuals for independent lifelong learning by helping them develop the necessary language tools and learning strategies.


To improve the skills of adults, thereby enabling them to accomplish one or more of the following:

  • Attain a GED;
  • Speak the English language
  • Improve digital literacy skills with the Northstar Digital Literacy program;
  • Enroll in a college or training program;
  • Obtain or keep a current job;
  • Help their children succeed in school

Eastern Shore Community College’s Adult Education programs provide area adults with the educational opportunities needed to be successful workers, parents and community members.  We offer high quality services at affordable cost to a diverse adult population.

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For questions about classes or GED testing contact Sabine Lovett at 757.789.1794 or Amy Shockley at 757.789.1793