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Advising and Counseling Services


Once you have completed your application for admission, you will be assigned a faculty advisor if you have chosen to be a curricular student and are completing a particular plan of study. Contact information for your advisor is printed on your application for admission. Information regarding your assigned advisor is also available by logging into your record in MyESCC on the college homepage.

You should schedule a meeting with your assigned advisor as soon as possible to discuss your plan of study and to select your courses for each semester. If you need to add or withdraw from a course, you will want to inform your advisor as well as the financial aid office, if applicable.

Your advisor will work closely with you to ensure your success in college and to enable you to reach college goals. If you are undergoing the admissions and enrollment process during the summer term, you may find that your faculty advisor is not available. In this case, you should contact one of ESCC’s counselors or the Dean of Instruction.

If you are designated as a non-curricular student and are taking courses to obtain employment skills, for personal satisfaction, or as a transient student completing a degree at another college, you will not be assigned a faculty advisor. However, it is recommended that you take advantage of the availability of a college counselor to ensure that you are selecting the appropriate courses and making optimal progress towards your goals.

High school students enrolling in college courses are not assigned to a faculty advisor and should work closely with a guidance counselor, career coach, or the dual enrollment coordinator.

Counseling Services

The professional counseling staff, which functions in addition to the system of faculty advisors, is available to assist and support you in achieving your college and career goals. Counselors are available Monday through Thursday during both day and evening hours and on Friday during the day. You may also schedule appointments.

Amy Shockley
Coordinator of Student/Enrollment Services

Academic Support

ESCC offers various academic support services to help you succeed.

Request Credit for Prior Learning

Students may request credit for prior learning through:

  • Course work taken at regionally accredited and other approved colleges and universities;
  • Non-collegiate training and experiences such as military service, participation in business/industry training programs, and earned professional certifications and licensures;
  • Taking and achieving acceptable scores on standardized tests and examinations;
  • Taking and achieving acceptable scores on faculty-prepared examinations.
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