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Student Services Mission

In support of the mission of the college, the Eastern Shore Community College Student Services Department will provide student-centered admissions, counseling, financial aid, and registrar services.  In addition, in order to meet the needs and expectations of students throughout their experiences from prospective students to graduates, we offer veterans affairs, disability and career services as well as student activities.


The Eastern Shore Community College Student Services Department will be an integral and vital part of the educational process at the college. The department will be recognized for providing timely, caring, success-driven support services which enable student learning, enhance student development, and broaden the student’s overall college experience with co-curricular educational activities.

Core Values

The student services staff shares these values as we work together to accomplish our vision. We value:

  • Respect for the individual student
  • Protection of privacy and confidentiality
  • Personal and professional growth opportunities for staff
  • Creative and responsive services as new challenges emerge
  • Equitable and fair offerings of services
  • Program operations and delivery that are responsive to student needs
  • Support for the college’s mission of teaching and learning

Created: January 2008 Reviewed: September 2012

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