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Community FAQs

Can I check out books from ESCC?

Yes, you must be 16 years or older, and we need a Virginia Driver’s Licence or official ID with picture and current local address so that we can issue an ESCC Library Card.

How are the books arranged on the shelves?

Books are arranged by subject according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme, a system of call letters and numbers.

Does the Library ever get those popular best sellers?

Oh, yes, we maintain a collection of 375 titles, selecting about 15 new ones each month.

Does the Library have any E-books?

We have thousands of titles available in full text in our Library Catalog for use by community in the Library.

Do you have any audiobooks?

Yes, we have 150 audiobooks on CD.

Is there a Media Collection that is available to the community?

Yes. Those titles are listed in VCCSLinc, the online Library Catalog.

Does the library have current editions of magazines and newspapers?

Current magazines and newspapers are shelved alphabetically and kept in the library until the information is outdated or available on the computer. Those materials do not circulate.

How do I find out from home if the Library has a particular book?

From home, you can search the ESCC Library Catalog using the Resources – Library – VCCSLinc.

How many books can I check out at one time?

You may check out 15 items.

How long may I keep a book that I’ve checked out?

We have a four-week loan policy for books. Videos and DVDs are checked out for one-week.

The book I want is already checked out, what do I do?

You can place a hold on an item by at the Circulation desk.

Can a community borrower request material from other libraries?

No, sorry, we are only able to provide interlibrary loan service to students and staff. The public library provides this service for the community.

What is the overdue fine for returning materials late?

We do not charge fines.

What is the charge for lost materials?

All library patrons are assessed $50 per item.

Can I renew books over the phone?

Sure. Books may be renewed by phone or in person one time, providing the books are not overdue and no one has placed a hold on that material. You may renew overdue books one time if you bring them in.

Am I allowed to use a computer?

You may sign up to use Library computers for 30 minutes each day. You can print 10 free copies, and additional ones cost 10 cents per page.

How much are computer copies?

The first 10 copies are free; additional ones are 10 cents per page.

Does the Library have any color printers?

Sorry, no.

Can I check out a laptop?

No. Laptops are only for student check out.

Is there wireless access for my laptop in the Library?

Yes, there is.

Where can I get help finding the sources that I need for my research?

Just ask any Library staff member to help you.

Am I able to search periodical databases from home?

No, sorry, only ESCC students and staff may do that.

Does the Library have a copy machine and how much are copies?

We do have a public coin-op copy machine and copies are 10 cents per page.

Does the library have a scanner?

Yes, free scanning services are available. You have the ability to scan to USB, e-mail, Google doc, or directly to a smartphone.

Does the Library have a fax that I can use and how much does it cost?

The Library fax is only for registered students, faculty and staff and is limited to school and work materials only.

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