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Virginia Practice Test Directions

Please access the online practice test when you have several hours to prepare for your placement testing.  Online practice using this link is permitted only once.

Go to:

Select: “Student Self-Registration”

Select: VCCS Practice Test Institution from the Institution drop down box.

Select: VCCS Practice Test

Enter: “Virginiapt” as the password

Fill in: All required fields that have a red asterisk.

Click: “Submit” after all required fields have been completed, and the student will be taken immediately to the testing dashboard.

Note: The VPT-English Practice does not contain an essay, but please keep in mind you will be required to write an essay when taking the actual VPT-English Assessment.

Click: The blue test name link after completing the practice test in order to view the score report.

Click: on the item #’s to view the item, the correct answer, and the answer that was chosen.

Online Resources to Help Students Review for the VPT-English

Online Math and English Resources

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