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Workforce Registration

To register for a non-FastForward Workforce class, please either contact Workforce Services at 757.789.7979, or follow these steps for online registration:

–          After identifying which course you’re interested in, go to and create a user profile

–          If you have an existing profile, just login, and search for the class and section number you’re interested in

–          Add class to your cart

–          Proceed to checkout

You can also print out this Workforce Registration form, complete, and return to Workforce.

If you are interested in a FastForward class, please contact the Workforce Services office directly, because the required documentation is different, including:

–          Proof of Virginia residency/domicile

–          Social Security Card

–          Age Verification

–          High School Diploma/High School Equivalency/CASAS test

–          Selective Service Verification

–          Household Income Verification/Notice of Action

Financial assistance is available for all Workforce classes.

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