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Circulation FAQs

How do I find out if the Library has a particular book, DVD, audiobook, ect. ?

Search the online Library Catalog, Library – Search ESCC Catalogue, Here you will find videos, DVDs, audiobooks, best sellers, government documents, and periodical titles, as well as books.

How do I check out materials?

Current students are registered for library privileges automatically. No library cards are issued, but you may be asked to show your College ID. Students will key in their MyESCC username in order to check out books and media.

How many books can I check out?

You can have up to 30 books checked out at any one time.

How long may I keep books that I’ve checked out?

The normal loan period is 4 weeks; loan periods for reserve material vary according to instructor. Videos and DVDs are due back in one week.

Can I renew books over the phone or online?

Yes to both. If no one else has requested the books, you can renew them by phone one time. Also, students may sign in to VCCSLinc to renew or place holds on materials checked out. Use the same username and password you use for MyESCC (MyVCCS).

Will I have to pay fines on my late materials?

No, we do not assess fines; however, students with late or lost materials are restricted from checking out additional materials, registering for classes, or receiving transcripts.

What is the charge for lost materials?

All library patrons are assessed $50 per item.

How are the books arranged on the shelves?

Books are arranged by subject according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme, a system of call letters and numbers.

Can reference books be checked out?

No, but a coin-op copier is available for copying needed reference materials or current journal, magazine, or newspaper articles, 10 cents per page.

The book I want is already checked out, what do I do?

Students may place holds on any items checked out and will be notified as soon as they become available. Students may sign in to VCCSLinc to place holds on materials or ask for a hold to be placed at the Circulation desk.

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