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Faculty FAQs

Is there a reference that would provide reviews on particular journals?

Yes, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory provides reviews from Magazines for Libraries and Library Journal.

Where can I find a list of databases and journal titles?

Go to Library, look under the Search for Articles box, and click Select databases by title.

Are videos and DVDs listed in the online Library Catalog?

Yes, they may be located easily in the online catalog by title, subject or keyword at Library – Search ECCS Catalog.

Where can I find a paper list of videos and DVDs?

A complete list is available in the Faculty and Staff Intranet or we can provide you with a printed copy.

Why do I need to request AV equipment in advance?

Advance notice gives us the chance to make sure equipment is available and in good working condition. However, now most classrooms have state-of-the-art instructional equipment installed.

If the Library has closed by the time I am finished with my equipment in the evening, is it ok to just leave the equipment unattended?

No! The evening Security Guard will return equipment to the library for you. If you cannot find him, please be sure it is locked securely in the classroom.

Is it possible for Library staff members to show media in my classes if I have to be absent?

We will make every attempt to accommodate you. Please give us advanced notice and it would be helpful if you would pick a student in each class to remind us in case we should get busy and forget.

Can I leave assignments in the Library for students?

Yes, and if the assignment involves library research, please provide us with a copy so that we are better able to help students.

Can the Library staff proctor tests for me?

Often faculty members send students to the library to take tests; however, we cannot proctor those tests.

Occasionally I prefer to videotape a lecture for my classes. Can I arrange for the Library staff to do this?

Certainly. Let us know in advance so we can work out a mutually agreeable time. Then you can reserve the lecture hall or a classroom.

Is there a laptop that I could check out to use when I need to work at home or attend conferences or training?

Yes, we have a couple for the faculty to check out. They are very popular, so please let us know as far in advance as possible. It is also a good idea to let us know if you need particular software.

Does the Library really have iPADs for faculty checkout?

Yes, there are two iPAD2s for checkout by full-time faculty and staff. Please request in advance to make certain one will be available for you.

What resource should I use to find books outside ESCC or the VCCS?

The best way to do this is to go to FirstSearch and look in WorldCat, OCLC’s catalog of books and other materials in libraries worldwide.

How long does it take to order and receive an ILL?

The process takes anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on how quickly the lending library can respond. Talk with Library staff or fill out the online Interlibrary Loan Request Form and bring your request to the LRC.

Where can I send my students for information on citing resources?

The library staff often assists students with source citations by providing handbooks, appropriate Web sites, and individualized help. For online help, they can go to Library – Cite Your Sources.

Are any Library brochures available online?

Yes, click Library Research Guides.

Do faculty have to pay for lost materials?

Yes, all library patrons pay $50 per item.

Does the library have any E-books?

Yes, we have thousands of E-books. You may be asked to login with your MyESCC username and password if you are searching remotely. EBSCOhost actually allows you to create an account which will make it possible for you to download an eBook to your own computer for off-campus use of these titles. See any Library staff member for help.

Does the Library have any audiobooks?

Yes, we have a collection of classic fiction titles on CDs listed in VCCSLinc and plan to add more. We also have a digital collection of best-selling titles, OverDrive, which may be downloaded onto personal devices.

Does the library have any government publications?

Yes, full-text online government titles are available in the VCCSLinc.

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