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ESCC’s Quality Enhancement Plan – Advising GPS


As part of the college’s commitment to continuous improvement, ESCC developed this Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to address an issue that can improve student learning and the environment in which it takes place. ESCC’s advising process has been thoroughly examined by a widely representative team, resulting in Advising GPS: Go, Plan, Succeed!: Empowering students to pursue their goals by fortifying the advising model and leveraging technology.


See the full text of Advising GPS: Go – Plan – Succeed


What aspects of advising does Advising GPS address?

Advising GPS focuses on the areas that support effective advising:

  • streamlining the student’s pathway to the first day of classes
  • developing an advising model that reflects the needs of ESCC students
  • providing support for and continual assessment of advising practices


What are the goals of Advising GPS, and how do they connect to the college’s mission?

Advising GPS connects to the college’s mission and vision to empower learners to enhance their quality of life and for the college to serve as a vital link in the economic and cultural enrichment of our communities through the two plan goals:

  • Goal 1: To empower students to identify and pursue their academic and professional goals by fortifying the advising model and leveraging technology
  • Goal 2: To ensure key areas related to advising and student development are supported by a clear oversight structure and robust mechanisms for continuous improvement


How will students be affected upon entering the college?

Streamlined onboarding processes will help reduce roadblocks that can detour students as they begin their experience with ESCC.


How does Advising GPS change the current advising model?

Once students are admitted, the focus will be orientation and initial advising, supported by First-Term Advisors—a new role for advisors who focus on transitioning students into the college and directing them to appropriate pathways. These first-term advisors include current counselors in Student Services and a New Student Advisor—a new position focused on first-term advising. Following their initial meeting, students are guided to faculty advisors, who will help them develop academic plans supported by completion-by-design principles, transfer goals, and career opportunities.


How does Advising GPS enhance student learning?

Advising GPS has two student learning outcomes:

SLO 1: Students will develop achievable educational goals

SLO 2: Students will identify how ESCC will support them in achieving their educational goals.

By identifying their goals and understanding how the college’s supports those goals as early as possible, students are more likely to be in appropriate curricula and classes. When they are proceeding through their curricula methodically and understand the purpose of each class, students are best positioned to be successful. Furthermore, current research supports the idea that students who meet regularly with their advisors are more likely to achieve benchmarks that correspond with academic success.


What is EAB Navigate, and how is it related to Advising GPS?

This plan dovetails with the ongoing implementation of EAB Navigate, an online system accessed through MyESCC to assist with onboarding, advising, and tracking student success. The system works in conjunction with the Student Information System and will replace SAILS Early Alerts. This technology will enhance, not replace, ESCC’s personalized approach to academic advising and support.


When does the Advising GPS begin?

Advising GPS will begin during the 2018-2019 academic year, with initial launch of the new onboarding and advising processes coinciding with the launch of EAB Navigate in March 2019.


Who will oversee Advising GPS?

A new Advising Workgroup will oversee implementation of the plan. This group includes the college’s current academic counselors, faculty advising representatives, a non-credit advising representative, and the QEP Lead. The group also includes anyone with the First-Term Advisor role, include the New Student Advisor.


Whom should I contact with questions about Advising GPS?

For questions about Advising GPS, contact Emily Moore, Advising GPS Lead, at or (757) 274-2519. For general questions about advising, contact Student Services at (757) 789-1720.


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