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Additional Placement Test Information

The VPT English test includes 40 multiple choice reading comprehension questions and a written essay which is graded along five domains: organization; focus, development and support; vocabulary; sentence structure; and mechanics. Since the essay is weighted and counts for 60% of your English test score, it is recommended that students:

  • Organize their essay by developing an outline or diagram
  • Write in a clear and coherent manner using a minimum of 300-500 words with multiple paragraphs
  • Stay on topic and avoid repeating the same words and thoughts
  • Avoid copying and pasting the essay prompt into your essay as filler

The VPT Math test contains a variety of questions types such as free response, matching, multiple choice, true/false, etc. that measure skills in the following areas:

  • Operations – Mastery of operations and basic concepts with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, algebraic basics and order of operations.
  • Equations– Applying sequences of first degree and linear equations, inequalities, systems of linear equations in one and two variables, and quadratic equations.
  • Expressions, Functions and Graphing– Demonstrating conceptual understanding principles and relationships of exponents, factoring, parabolas, rational expressions and exponents, radicals and functions.
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