Virginia Secretary of Education Visits ESCC


Two-Day Shore Tour with Senator DeSteph Included Campus Tour

Virginia Secretary of Education Aimee Rogstad Guidera visited Your Eastern Shore Community College on Thursday, May 16, as part of a two-day Shore tour arranged by State Senator Bill DeSteph.  DeSteph and Delegate Rob Bloxom accompanied Guidera as the group was greeted Thursday morning by an enthusiastic representation of administration, staff, faculty, students, and college advisory board members.

ESCC President Dr. Jim Shaeffer started the tour in the college’s new academic building by introducing Secretary Guidera to four ESCC students, who shared their studies and goals. Jackson Thierfeldt, SGA President, enjoyed describing his recent opportunity of delivering the commencement address at the college and was interested in Guidera’s own story of her recent experience of delivering one as well.

On the tour, Secretary Guidera met and discussed the robust Adult Education Program at ESCC, and learned how it helps address unique education needs on the Shore.  Instructors Judi Hirsh and Deborah Hennel gave passionate accounts of student successes and how the program feeds from GED and ESL to certifications and even 4-year degrees through multiple pathways.

The welding lab was another stop on the tour where instructor Lloyd Wagar shared recent projects and discussed preparing his students for real-world opportunities.  Both Guidera and DeSteph engaged with questions about how the program was a successful foundation for a multitude of careers in rapidly expanding fields.

The recently redesigned Career Services Center was a popular feature as Secretary Guidera offered input and guidance on expanding the already growing impact of the campus resource. Career Coach Rob McLaugherty described current efforts to help lead students to successful careers including the upcoming Career Fair in June.

The morning on campus ended with Director of Workforce Development Scott Hall leading the Secretary through the Workforce Development Building with its recently re-purposed classrooms and labs and expanding on many new program offerings like the popular online cyber-security classes and the launch of the upcoming new hospitality program.

President Shaeffer commented on the visit saying “This was an important event for Your Eastern Shore Community College because it gave our college the opportunity to shine a bright light on all the great things that are happening at ESCC.  We’re proud of the pathways we’ve created for our students, and we’re excited about the continued growth of opportunities we are able to provide everyone here on the Shore.”

“The faculty and staff of the college rallied to welcome the Secretary and it was a great demonstration of the passion they have in serving our students and the community.”