To Parents of Graduating Seniors:


A letter from ESCC President Dr. Jim Shaeffer

Dear Parents of the Class of 2020:

You should be so proud to be a parent of a graduating senior; congratulations to you and your child!  Given the challenges we are facing with COVID 19, planning the next step in your child’s educational journey may seem daunting.  Should your graduate go away to a four-year college or stick closer to home?  As a parent, I understand the concerns you have in the uncertainty of the new environments.  The wonderful news is that opportunities close to home may be just the beginning you and your student are looking for in higher education. 

Your Eastern Shore Community College offers career pathways that lead directly to high wage jobs in healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, and trades. ESCC also offers excellent programs that guarantee admission and transfer to universities at 1/3 the cost of the least expensive four-year state university.  At a time when there is concern about living on the campus of a four-year school, Your Eastern Shore Community College offers excellence in higher education and affordability, all close to home. 

Consider these distinct advantages of your child attending Your Eastern Shore Community College this fall:

  • Flexible scheduling: ESCC offers courses in eight-week sessions 
  • High quality programs: ESCC programs lead to good paying jobs and professional careers
  • Affordable: ESCC tuition is less than one-third that of four-year institutions
  • Financial support: ESCC can offer a scholarship to virtually every student
  • Local: We are YOUR Eastern Shore Community-part of your community because we are your community.

My wife, Peggy, and I are the proud parents of five children and ten grandchildren.  We shared the same concerns as you when working with our children in deciding on the next steps in their educational journey.  You want them to make good affordable decisions, decisions that will lead to good jobs and fulfilling careers.  Your Eastern Shore Community College is here to help. We can help with seeking financial aid, enrolling in classes, and outlining an educational path to your child’s dream.  

Thank you for considering ESCC.  This part of their journey is just a phone call away at 757-789-1720, or email us at  Visit our website at for details on financial aid, scholarships, registration, and more.  We hope your student becomes a YES! at Your Eastern Shore Community College in Melfa. 


James Shaeffer PhD
President, ESCC