Giant ESCC Guitar Auction Closes 10/12!


Unique Project Supports the ESCC Woodworking Club


When Eastern Shore Community College Biology instructor Dr. Alex Foxworthy established the ESCC Wood Working Club in 2022, there was an immediate buzz on campus from students and staff alike.  Afternoon meetings were taking place on the patio outside of the student lounge, where onlookers expressed great interest in carving projects taking shape before their eyes.

ESCC student Fidel Guerrero needed assistance with building a vampire’s coffin for a local theater production, and Dr. Foxworthy and the club produced the perfect project that enhanced the spooky stage setting for Arts Enter in Cape Charles last October. 

The interest was not just internal but was also extending to the community.  Local wood-working enthusiasts came out and enjoyed a presentation by acclaimed wood-turner Mr. Bob Lentz back in the spring.

So when brainstorming began this summer about how ESCC could represent this new creative and artistic upswell on campus, Marketing Director Bill LeCato and Dr. Foxworthy talked about the public events that ESCC would be engaged in this fall, in particular the ESVA ChamberFest. 

With live music from marquee acts, the event draws big crowds and wide community involvement. What could be created and displayed at a musical festival and represent this exciting new club at ESCC?!?

What else? A giant guitar!

LeCato had seen and admired large scale and colorful guitars while traveling through the Austin-Bergstrom Airport in Texas in the baggage claim area. The inspiration for Dr. Foxworthy was just a “google” pic away from planting a seed that would result in a very creative representation for the club.

Foxworthy describes the build: “The guitar was built using pine wood and a few simple tools – a jigsaw and an angle grinder. The guitar stand is made from mulberry, padouk, and mystery wood (maybe maple?). The base of the stand has two bowties made from padouk, one of which has the shape of a seagull. The neck of the stand is wrapped in leather that I laced with paracord. Finally, the top of the stand holds an 88lb (hold strength) magnet that stabilizes the top of the guitar which has a metal washer in a matching location.”

The guitar and stand became a family project. Alex’s wife, ESCC Adult Education Instructor Heather Littlefield, tackled the artistic embellishments that added the one of kind “Shore” theme.  She elaborated, “ESCC has our “YES!” brand that represents opportunities for us to learn and improve ourselves, and give back to this amazing community. In light of all that makes the Eastern Shore a great place to live, I chose to decorate our guitar with symbols common to the Eastern Shore, from the natural wonders to nurses. To provide an “open-ended” option of personalization, the neck and bridge pickups are coated in chalkboard paint – so you can draw your YES! -What is Your Eastern Shore?”

The guitar will be on display at the college in the Landsberger Atrium in the Academic Building and will be available for bids by online auction, with proceeds benefitting the ESCC Woodworking Club.  The auction info will be available at and also on ESCC social media channels. The auction closes on Thursday, October 12th.