Doors Open to Technology Based Careers


Students Have Access to a Variety of Career Paths

“Making our students marketable for the tech field” explains ESCC Professor Chevelle Mason, “is the goal of our Management with Information Technology Program”.  As an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Management at the college, she has been instrumental in designing programs that serve community need.

Mason’s students can earn three certifications in the program, (Net Technology, Internet Business, and Site Development), plus Career Studies Certificates in Web Page Development and I.T. Support.

“Building apps, learning about cloud technology and cyber security, this develops real world skills that can open so many doors to career success” Mason shared.  The recently signed Memorandum of Understanding between ESCC and NASA Wallops has also solidified a very tangible pipeline of new talent into waiting roles at the flight facility and associated entities.

Beyond even Wallops, Mason sites students being offered opportunities with Amazon, VISA, Google, Bank of America, Facebook, and even the FBI.  “Students can apply for these internships” Mason explained, “these are attainable outcomes from this course”.

Jayson Stubbs is ready to find out. A 2019 graduate of Chincoteague High School, Jayson will be entering Chevelle Mason’s program in January.

“I’ve spent time building computers, working with hardware and software, and of course enjoyed gaming as a hobby”, Jayson continued, “but now I see this program as a path to a great career.”

To learn how you can begin your tech journey towards career success, contact YOUR Eastern Shore Community College at 757-789-1720 or

Professor Chevelle Mason and incoming student Jayson Stubbs.