Coastal Futures Festival is December 8th


Arts, Humanities, and Scientific Investigation

Eastern Shore Community College is excited to welcome a unique and interesting event on Friday, December 8th from 2:00pm-5:00pm in the atrium of the Workforce Development Services Building.

The Coastal Futures Festival is an environmental arts festival created by UVA’s Coastal Conservatory, a collaboration between humanities scholars, musicians, and scientists with the Virginia Coast Reserve, a long-term ecological research (LTER) site supported by the National Science Foundation. 

Through various forms of listening, the Conservatory integrates arts and humanities into the scientific investigation of coastal change in order to deepen understanding and stimulate imaginations.

The Coastal Futures Festival will feature musical performances based on Virginia’s seaside from the “Soundscapes of Restoration” album (Parma Records, 2023) along with new sound art by UVA composers Matthew Burtner, Kristin Hauge and Brian Lindgren. Special guests include renowned singer Lisa Edwards-Burrs. 

Scientists from the Virginia Coast Reserve (VCR) Matt Reidenbach, Karen McGlathery and Cora Baird of UVA, along with Sarah Karpanty and Bridget Re from Virginia Tech, will also showcase the original environmental research that inspired the compositions. 
Dr. Alex Foxworthy of ESCC will also present on “The Hidden World Around Us”.   This presentation will feature current audio and video projects with ESCC students and offer future directions through capstone projects.

Schedule of Activities:


Open House with Listening Stations 


Welcome: Cora Baird

Soundscapes of Restoration

Introduction: Soundscapes of Restoration: Matthew Burtner

Seagrass Science: Karen McGlathery

Dreams of Seagrass Sonification: Matthew Burtner

Refection: Willis Jenkins
Oyster Restoration Science: Matt Reidenbach

Oyster Communion: Matthew Burtner (with Lisa Edwards-Burrs, Molly Joyce, Kristin Hauge, Ari Bell, Rah Hite and Gabrielle Cerberville)

Reflection: Willis Jenkins

The Hidden World Around Us

Alex Foxworthy ESCC 

Flightways of Uncertainty

Shorebird Science: Sarah Karpanty 

Brian Lindgren “Red Knot Sonorama (2007-2022)”

Audience reflection 

Salt Marsh Sparrow Science: Bridget Re 

Kristin Hauge: “On the Strangest Sea”

Audience reflection


Community Conversation and Reception

This event is free of charge and all are welcome to attend. Additional information is available by contacting Dr. Alex Foxworthy at ESCC by email at