CDL certificate recipient

CDL Classes Resuming


Full-time and Part-time Classes this Fall

ESCC and CDS Tractor Trailer Training Company have released the schedule for the reopening of CDL trainings. Classes are currently being held for suspended spring sessions. In coming weeks the registration process will begin for our current waiting list of students.

Currently, classroom training is going to be virtual. Part time classroom training will take 5 weeks. Full time classroom training will take 2 weeks After you complete the classroom portion of training, you will go begin the driving portion. 

KC Parks, CDS Student Coordinator at ESCC Workforce, will be reaching out to students on our waiting list for this fall. In the meantime, you can start gathering the needed documents so you are ready to start the process.

For those interested in upcoming classes, please contact Barb Rang,  FastForward Career Coach at, or call 757-789-1745 or 717-521-9307.

CDL Schedule/Fall 2020

Part time:

July 18th – November 1st

October 3rd – January 17th

Full time: 

July 20th – August 28th

August 17th – October 2nd

September 14th – October 23rd

October 12th – November 20th

November 9th – December 18th

December 7th – January 15th