2019 ESCC Science Fair Results

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ESCC held the annual Science Fair on campus Saturday, April 27th featuring 61 entries from K-12 students shore-wide.  In addition to the judged entries, winners from the Eastern Shore Soil & Water Conservation District Poster Contest were announced, along with an entertaining and educational presentation by the Delmarva Discovery Center.  The winners are as follows: (Listed in order with Honorable Mention and Environmental Category)

Lower Primary

1st –Robbie Fears, Kegotank Elementary,Why Doesn’t the Ocean Freeze

2nd- Katelynn Barfield, Kegotank Elementary, Sip it Up

3rd- Liam Matthews, Kegotank Elementary, Go with the Flow

HM– Charlotte McDonald, Shore Christian Academy, Charlotte’s Cookies and Milk

HM- Scarlett McDonald, Shore Christian Academy, The Gummy Bears

Environmental- Rhiella Cowling, Shore Christian Academy, Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?



Upper Primary

1st- Ashley Zodun, Occohannock Elementary, Eggcelent Data

2nd – Thomas Ertle, Cape Charles Christian School, The Science of Spinning

3rd- Rylee Giddings, Chincoteague Elementary, Going for the Green

HM- Mary Catherine Langley, Shore Christian Academy, Carrots Need Coffee Too

HM- Ruby Buck, Cape Charles Christian School, Eggsplosion on Your Teeth

Environmental- Alexis Hill, Shore Christian Academy, Soil Conservation



1st – Abby Zodun,  Occohannock Elementary, Vanishing into Fin Air

2nd – Kaylee Alise Kauthen, Kegotank Elementary, Rocket Science

3rd – Grayson Ford, Metompkin Elementary, Pollution: The Price of Poultry and Power

HM- Sarah M. Taylor, Kegotank Elementary, Disappearing Peeps

HM- Gyan Baiju, Accawmacke Elementary, Electro Magnetism

Environmental- Abigail Decker, Pungoteague Elementary, Eat the Whole Thing





Middle School

t and Environmental –Caleb Perry, Arcadia Middle, Butt They Are Litter

2nd- Tyler Zodun, Northampton Middle, Phone or Flush

3rd- Chauncey Smith, Homeschooled, Which Container Keeps the Water at a Constant Temperature?

HM- Jacqueline Santos Maldonado and Merci Lyons, Northampton Middle, Is Green Really Clean?



High School

1st and Environmental – Bethany Carpenter, Homeschooled, Soiling our Earth? A Nutrient Runoff Experiment

2nd – Madison Long, Nandua High, Aquaponics: Farming of the Future with Roots in the Past


The annual Conservation Poster Contest provided K-12 students an opportunity to convey their thoughts about soil, water and related natural resource issues through art. This year’s theme was “Life in the Soil: Dig Deeper”. This year, seven schools participated resulting in 127 entries. Eastern Shore SWCD awarded $500 in cash prizes to 1st – 4th place entries in five grade categories during the Science Fair where winning posters were also on display.





K-1st Grade Poster Winners

$50: 1st  Place – Callen Justice, Shore Christian Academy

$25: 2nd  Place – Rhiella Cowling, Shore Christian Academy

$15: 3rd  Place – Harper Wessells, Shore Christian Academy

$10: 4th Place  – Charlotte McDonald, Shore Christian Academy


2nd-3rd Grade Poster Winners

$50: 1st  Place – Ashlyn Mears, Shore Christian Academy

$25: 2nd Place -Taylor Frey, Shore Christian Academy

$15: 3rd Place – Mary Langley, Shore Christian Academy

$10: 4th Place – Ruby Buck, Cape Charles Christian School


4th-6th Grade Poster Winners


$50: 1st Place – Victoria Arvidson, Broadwater Academy

$25: 2nd Place – Summer Charnock, Cape Charles Christian School

$15: 3rd Place  – Allison LeCato, Broadwater Academy

$10: 4thPlace- Aaliyah Collins, Nandua Middle School


7th-9th Grade Poster Winners


$50: 1st Place – Rocio Pineda, Northampton High School

$25: 2nd Place – Katelyn Leatherbury, Northampton High School

$15: 3rd  Place – Cheyanne Custis, Nandua Middle School

$10: 4th Place  – Conner Lee, Nandua Middle School


10th-12th Grade Poster Winners


$50: 1st  Place – Oakley Davis, Northampton High School

$25: 2nd Place – Amber Early, Northampton High School

$15: 3rd Place  – Imani Banks, Northampton High School

$10: 4th Place  – Genesis Guerren, Northampton High School


$500.00 total in cash prizes were awarded to poster winners, and assorted gift cards were awarded to Science Fair winners.

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