ESCC To Offer AAS Technical Studies Degree


Eastern Shore Community College has announced the Associate of Applied Science in Technical Studies Degree. With an efficient use of existing credits, students can find more cohesion between skills and college degrees, not having to opt for one or the other. The primary goal of this program is to increase student success and completion by establishing pathways for students to earn a post-secondary credential and provide them with paths to pursue employment or baccalaureate degrees.

The plan for a Technical Studies associate degree was developed into a proposal and presented to the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) division of the National Science Foundation (NSF).  ESCC was awarded an NSF/ATE grant in 2017 in the amount of $365,508.  The project, Creating Technical Scholars: A Model for Structured Pathways (CTS), creates a seamless transition pathway from secondary education, to post-secondary education, to employment in STEM related fields and high-tech positions. 

The overarching purpose of the Associate of Applied Science in Technical Studies is to prepare students completing programs in Welding, HVAC, Electricity, and Industrial Tech, to expand their skill sets with common instruction in areas such as quality control, technical writing, and team concepts and problem solving.  This broad-based, interdisciplinary education will produce highly skilled, competent industrial technicians who are adaptable to multiple industrial environments, what modern industry refers to as “multi-crafted technicians.”

Graduates of this program will qualify for higher wages and more meaningful positions as they have a pathway for advancement beyond entry-level technician positions. Further, the program supports the community by answering area employers’ demands for highly skilled individuals who possess managerial-level knowledge and skills in core areas that are needed across a variety of occupations.

Target students will also be recent high school graduates and dual-enrolled students who have earned college credit for career and technical coursework.

The stackable nature of the degree offers a logical and efficient opportunity for students in trade programs to continue study to earn an associate degree, qualifying them to assume positions that are above entry level with higher salaries. More details will be available soon.  Email or call 757-789-1720.