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FAQ for Faculty

How can I access the SIS information for my students?

Log in to My ESCC by typing into the browser bar or by going to the My ESCC tab found along the top of the ESCC website. Once you log in, S.I.S. is the second link from the top.

How do I access email remotely?

Type into the browser bar, which will take you to the web application of Outlook. Alternately, you can go to the Faculty/Staff landing page and find the link for email in the Computing Services box there.

How do I enter my mid-term (final) grades?

How to view roster and enter grades in S.I.S.

What should be in my syllabus?

Syllabus template

What semester reports (or documents) am I routinely expected to submit and when are they due?

Syllabus sent via email to Kimberly Machinski — first week of the semester
Office Hours sent via email to Kimberly Machinski and posted outside your office — first week of the semester
Non-attendance report sent via email to Artima Taylor — 10th day of the semester
Mid-term grades posted to S.I.S. — 7th-8th week of the semester
Final Grades posted to S.I.S. — 24 hours after the exam

How do I reserve a room for a meeting or event?

If you are on campus, you can reserve the space yourself using the Virtual EMS Room Reservation System; otherwise, contact Sandra Williams ( or 757-789-7979.

What should I do if I have to cancel class?

In addition to emailing your students and posting an announcement in your Blackboard course site, you should also inform the VP of Academic and Student Affairs office (Kimberly Machinski at 757.789.1725 or . In addition, you should inform Violet Nedab (757.789.1789 or at the switchboard so that she is aware for front-desk inquiries.

What do I do if the weather is so bad I think classes might be canceled?

There are several ways to stay informed. First, you can check the ESCC website, Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter for information.  Second, be sure you have signed up for ESCC Alert to receive text message or email announcements about college closings. As a third option, you can listen to local radio stations or watch local news.

How can I contact security if I need help?

Security is on duty whenever the college is open. Phones are located in every classroom and security can be reached via classroom phones by dialing 7990.