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ESCC Alumni Profiles

Roshell Brown

Upon first entering ESCC, I met one of the friendliest counselors ever! That counselor was none other than Mark Flanders. I still recall how Mark welcomed me into his office with a kind smile. Mr. Flanders administered a career assessment test to determine which degree would suit my needs best.

Others that hold a special place in my heart include Brian Smith and Jody Baggett. They also had my best interest at heart and would often talk to me when I was down or stressed at exam time or anytime that personal or family issues arose.

ESCC faculty was second to none! A few of my absolute favorites were Wanda Smith (English), Irvin Jackson (Business), Barry Neville (History) and Bonnie Nordstrom (Career Readiness).

Fast forward to my time since leaving ESCC…I am still benefiting from my education and time spent there! I went on to earn two degrees from Wilmington University (Bachelor’s and Master’s) and I am currently employed with the Federal government as a Loan Analyst.

Quantez Baines

My name is Quantez Baines. I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore. I attended pre-school through the 8th grade in Northampton County and from 9th grade to graduation, I attended Nandua in Accomack County.

During my high school years, I played football, basketball, tennis and track. I was also a prominent member of the DECA business club. I chose to attend Eastern Shore Community College after graduation where I was active in the Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa.

Attending ESCC opened many doors for me. I credit ESCC for the person I am and also all of the success that I have enjoyed. I feel fortunate to be a part of this community and being in a position to give back.

I currently work for the colleges’s Workforce Development Services and have the privilege to assist and support students in their own endeavors. I highly recommend ESCC to anyone who wants to start college, or advance their career.

Teena Haugh

My name is Teena Haugh and I grew up in Exmore and graduated from Northampton High School ‘83. I am a Financial Manager at Wallops Flight Facility and have just completed 35 years of government service. I started as a student Coop in 1986. Most of my time with NASA has been in the various Resources/Financial organizations as a Resource Analyst and then a Financial Manager. 

I started classes at ESCC in my senior year of high school. I earned an Associate degree in Business Management and then an Associate degree in Secretarial Science. During this time I worked at Wallops. I added the second degree to enable entry into the Coop program with NASA.

My time at ESCC taught me to properly focus on a task, plan my time and figure out what the teacher/work required to succeed at the highest level possible. Showing up and staying present and engaged were a big part of that.

My advice to students would be that education is the foundation for becoming a valued employee. Make the most of it and establish good work ethics. Write things down and plan your days to work independently with minimal oversight. Apply what you learn in one task to the next task. Be looking for ways to improve your work. Ask questions! Always be professional and find ways to help others and go the extra mile to make your work team successful.

Stephanie Turner

I am a current student at ESCC! I started during the pandemic in June 2020. I am working towards my degree in Early Childhood Education. I have received my CSC (Career Studies Certificate) in Early Childhood Education Support Specialist in spring 2021.

I joined the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society in December 2020. This is a great mentor group to help keep me pushing forward in my education and in life.

I am currently working in Accomack County Public School System as an Instructional Assistant since 2003. I wanted to further my education by attending ESCC and plan to transfer to ODU to become a classroom teacher.

ESCC is a great start for your college experience and a great opportunity to start your future to success. Take advantage of it!

Mary DeLayne

My college journey started at ESCC in 1996. I spent two years at ESCC gaining an educational foundation that has served me well over the years. Spending that time locally helped me discover my passion and led me to a degree in Psychology from Concord University.

Later I received my masters degree in Rehabilitative Counseling from VCU and I am currently a PhD student at Walden University.

I credit ESCC with allowing me to gain the skills I needed to become a lifelong learner. It is my goal to give back one day by becoming a psychology professor.

Patrick Belote

I graduated high school in 1983 and entered Virginia Tech that Fall. I began to realize it was not a good pick for me and I transferred into the Electronics program at ESCC in 1985. It was very popular and lots of friends were securing good jobs at Wallops and beyond.
I graduated in 1987 and began working at NOAA at Wallops Island a week after graduation.

Last December I retired at 56 with 33 years of service. My “new” career is local music producer. I love where I am now and can’t imagine myself getting here through any other path.

ESCC thank you. Whether you want to stay local, or go on to a four-year school, I can’t stress enough what our local community college has meant to me. Especially with the cost of education now…it’s the best bang for the buck going!

Faith Bridges

My name is Faith Bridges. I graduated in 2017 from the PN program. I had been a stay at home mom for 20 years. My husband became ill in 2011 and I was faced with a major decision. I needed to work to help provide for my family. Because of my age I was very nervous about going back to school. I questioned my abilities and wondered if I was even capable of learning something new.

After completing pre-requisites, I was accepted into the PN Program in 2016. My younger classmates were so encouraging and nicknamed me “Mama” Faith. Our instructors, Mrs. Bennett & Mrs. Nordstrom were there very step of the way cheering us on!

ESCC is a shining light of hope to so many in our community. I walked the halls in a very hard time in my life & received the tools and confidence to become a nursing professional. I currently work for Riverside Urology as an LPN & have also worked for Eastern Shore Rural Health serving the underinsured. Thank you ESCC for helping me achieve my goals!!! I am forever thankful.

Brittany Pettit

Hi, my name is Brittany Pettit. My journey at Eastern Shore Community College started in June 2009. I began taking classes for the summer semester just weeks before I graduated from Arcadia High School.

During my time at ESCC, I joined Phi Theta Kappa, served as the treasurer, and was also ESCC’s student ambassador.

After graduating from ESCC with an Associate of Arts and Science in Business Administration and General Education Certificate, I decided to continue my educational journey.

I graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in which I majored in Accounting with a minor in Decision Sciences. I am currently a Staff Accountant at Leatherbury Broache, P.C.

I encourage anyone to attend ESCC. You have the opportunity to get a fresh start or just decide what you want to do in the future. You will definitely gain valuable skills that will last a lifetime.

ESCC is a place where you can start here, and go anywhere.

Robin Sexauer

ESCC provided the educational foundation for pursuing my career with the Virginia Division of Rehabilitative Services (DARS). I graduated from ESCC in l991 and transferred to the ODU Teletechnet Program. This program provided me with the opportunity to secure my Bachelor’s Degree on the Eastern Shore.

I was in the first graduating class for that program which included classes at the Melfa and Wallops Island campuses. Eventually I completed my Master’s Degreee at VCU online and secured a Graduate Certificate at The George Washington University. Gene Trent, Mr. Neville and many others contributed to my success in college.

My 43 year career with DARS has allowed me to continue to be a part of ESCC by helping others to learn about and access ESCC’s outstanding programs and services.

Your staff and facility continue to be an amazing asset to our community. Congratulations on 50 years ESCC! Proud to be a part of it all!!!

Deonte Hope

Hello my name is Deonte Hope. I started at ESCC back in 2007. I spent a total of 4 years there figuring out what career path I wanted to embark on. Those were some of the best times. The professors were top notch. Mrs. Rich-Coates (one of my favorites) tapped into my scientific curiosity. After the first Biology class I was sold.

I joined Phi Theta Kappa which helped me overcome my public speaking fears. It is definitely true you can start here and go anywhere. I was able to save a lot of money while discovering my interest. Everyone should take advantage of the many opportunities at Eastern Shore Community College!

Bessie Stratton

I graduated from the LPN program in December 2008 and got my certificate in May 2009 from Eastern Shore Community College. It was an amazing journey that I will never forget. It was a challenge but I enjoyed it all. I had some amazing instructors for the general education studies and for the nursing curriculum.

Be sure to use your instructors at ESCC along with all of the resources and you’ll be amazed at how far you can go! I did and I accomplished my goals. I am not finished yet, so I know that when I return to the Eastern Shore Community College I will accomplish even more. I might even earn another gold plated pin. Thanks again to all the instructors & staff!

Frances Bailey

I attended Eastern Shore Community College back in 2006. I found out I was pregnant after high school, which pushed me back from attending a 4-year college as planned. One day while talking to a mentor, she encouraged me to attend the local community college. I went and signed up for the Administrative Support Technology Program and attended ESCC. The professors were all so nice and supportive during my process of being a single parent and a college student. I maintained an “A” GPA and later joined Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

After graduating, Phi Theta Kappa gave me a $30,000 scholarship to attend the 4-year college I had dreamed about. My journey at ESCC over 14 years ago didn’t leave me in any financial debt either. I finished with no student loans, a scholarship, and full of knowledge. I’m grateful for my journey years ago as it has helped to push me to where I am now.

Carlens Jean

Hi! I am Carlens Jean, current student at Eastern Shore Community College. After getting my high school diploma in my home country of Haiti, my father applied for me to come to the United States to continue my education. My biggest barrier was English. When I discovered ESCC, I was so happy to start ESL and eventually get my GED.

Alfie Destro took me to student services and told me about helpful tools to get a good score in the placement test. I took my test and placed into Calculus 263!

ESCC offers a lot of scholarships and eligible students can get financial aid. So far, I’ve had no expense! ESCC has a great advising team too, especially Dr. Foxworthy, who is my advisor. He shows me every step to complete my degree on time. I am a Phi Theta Kappa member and I also was accepted into five pre-med programs including VCU, ODU and FIU.

Keith Moody Jr.

I started attending ESCC in 2008, having no clue what I wanted to do. I was very shy, and very scared to interact with new people. Being at ESCC changed that. It made me open up. I got to meet and know some great people, great teachers like Professor Neville, Paul Custis, Kim Grewe, Wanda Smith & Robin Rich-Coates, and really got a chance to know myself. By the time I graduated I knew what I wanted to accomplish after ESCC.

I continued my education with ODU Teletechnet at the college, and earned my Bachelors of Science in Human Services and became a day treatment counselor & mentor here on the Shore. I’m currently a Family Services Specialist with Social Services. ESCC gave me my start to a bright future that I didn’t initially see. I’m thankful for my experience there! Happy Anniversary & wish many more to come! Thank you!

Carole Beasley

While a student at ESCC, I was blessed with caring, hands-on faculty and small classes that I truly believe contributed greatly to my success. My counselor, the late Mr. Gene Trent, was a wonderful mentor, placing me in the student aid work program at NASA which ultimately led to a position with the Social Security Administration.

I’m blessed to say that I retired from that agency in March, 2021 after a 41 year career that ESCC well prepared me for!

Mary Ann Wells

My name is Mary Anne Wells and my story with ESCC goes back to 1972 when I first attended there as a student right out of high school at the Wallops Island campus. In 1973, I was hired to work in the newly formed Continuing Education Department. In 1991, I was hired as the Registrar and held that position for the next 12 years.

In 2003, I was hired as the Administrative Assistant to the President where I served until my retirement in January of 2015. I had the privilege of serving ESCC under Dr. John Fiege, Dr. Richard Jenkins, Dr. Cheryl Thomson-Stacy and Dr. Linda Thomas-Glover.

You might say I grew up at ESCC! I have always felt blessed to have been able to work at ESCC for all of my working career, 42 years!

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