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Commencement 2024

2024 Commencement Newsletter (PDF)

Commencement will be held Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 5:00pm on ESCC’s campus (Rain date will be Thursday, May 9 at 5:00pm.)  It will be a ticketed event for family and friends of graduates, and we welcome children of all ages.  Children 3 and over require their own ticket. Additional info will be posted soon.

A Commencement Ceremony is held once a year in May. Summer graduates’ names will appear in the spring commencement program for that year.

The registrar determines the student’s readiness for graduation and records the student’s plans for attendance at commencement, as noted by the student on the graduation application. Graduation Information

Final clearance for graduation takes place after final grades for the spring semester have been entered and reviewed.  Students are notified as soon as possible alerting them if they have not successfully completed all requirements and are not eligible to graduate.

Commencement Photography

Watch for details coming soon.

Academic Regalia

Commencement is a formal occasion in which all participants are required to wear academic regalia including robes, hoods, and mortar-board caps with tassels. Graduating students should indicate their height and weight on the online graduation application in order for the ESCC Bookstore to determine gown size. You must contact the ESCC Bookstore to purchase the cap and gown.  At your request, they will order your robe, hood, caps and tassel. You are responsible for all cap and gown costs.

  • It is suggested that you try your gown on prior to the rehearsal to make sure you can have it pressed and properly altered before graduation.
  • Wear the tassel over the right temple until all graduates have received diplomas or certificates. The whole class will be asked to stand and move the tassel to the left side.
  • Men are asked to remove their caps during the Invocation and Benediction.
  • Please remember casual business attire should be worn under the gown. Appropriate, comfortable shoes should also be worn. (Keep in mind you will need to walk from your seat up a set of stairs, across the stage, back down a set of stairs and back to your seat.)

Honors and PTK

Students graduating with honors will have their academic honor announced during the ceremony. Additionally, the academic honor will be noted on your official transcript.

PTK members:  PTK regalia are the PTK member’s responsibility.  Regalia are not sold at the bookstore but are purchased through the local chapter. Please contact the PTK advisor for more information.

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