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Bookstore Price List Fall 2014

Additional prices for textbooks are added as inventory is received.

Payment Method

Payment of books and supplies is expected at the time of purchase. Students may pay using one or a combination of the following methods:

Cash – accepted in person at the Bookstore during regular hours.

Checks or Money Orders – accepted in person at the Bookstore.

  • Checks must be made out for the exact amount and made payable to ESCC. Third party checks are not accepted. A service charge of $35.00 is charged for any payment that is dishonored by your bank, except when the bank is at fault.

VISA, MasterCard and Discover - accepted in person at the Bookstore.  The cardholder (person whose name appears on the card) must be present to sign receipts.

Agency Contract or Employer Authorization – accepted at the Bookstore upon presentation of proper documentation.

  • By using an agency contract or employer authorization, students agree to accept responsibility for the full amount of books and supplies if the agency/employer does not pay within 30 days after invoice.

Student Financial Aid – accepted only if you have received an official financial aid award letter from the ESCC Financial Aid Office. (Please see Financial Aid if you have questions about the financial aid process or wish to speak to a Financial Aid Counselor.)

Facts About Textbooks

  • Basic texts are selected by faculty.
  • Different instructors may select different texts for different sections of the same course.
  • Supplementary texts or materials may be ordered by individual instructors. (They may or may not be used for subsequent semesters.)
  • A shortage in textbooks may result when additional classes are added at the last minute, when publisher supplies are exhausted, or when there are shipping problems.

Bookstore related inquiries can be directed to Nancy Lewis, Bookstore Manager: