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Mission Statement for Eastern Shore Community College Learning Resources Center

The Eastern Shore Community College Learning Resources Center advances the mission of Eastern Shore Community College by supporting the teaching and learning needs of ESCC students and faculty. The LRC provides excellence and innovation in education and research and empowers the college community to be lifelong learners and effective users of information.


The Eastern Shore Community College Learning Resources Center will provide a dynamic, high quality teaching library that enhances student learning wherever programs or courses are located and however they are delivered. In addition to serving as an integral part of the educational process at the College, the LRC will function as a vital information and technology resource for the Eastern Shore community.

Core Values

The library staff shares these values as we work together to accomplish our vision.

We value education and lifelong learning:

  • Support for the college‚Äôs mission of teaching and learning
  • Primary focus on connecting students, faculty, and staff with information
  • Equitable access to information on campus and from remote locations
  • Information literacy instruction integrated with teaching, learning and research
  • Services available to the community
  • Safe, comfortable facilities conducive to learning, study and research

We value excellence in service:

  • Respect for the individual patron
  • Protection of user privacy and confidentiality
  • Qualified, well-trained customer-oriented staff
  • Personal and professional growth opportunities for staff
  • Creative and responsive services as new challenges emerge
  • Informative library Web page designed for successful research

We value the provision and sharing of diverse information resources:

  • Careful selection and organization of balanced, appropriate resources
  • Support for curricular and research needs
  • Respect for intellectual freedom and intellectual property rights
  • Traditional formats and innovative technology for on-campus and remote access
  • Emerging technologies that enhance instruction and information retrieval
  • Communication, cooperation and collegiality
Approved 9/14/2010