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Customized Training


Program Overview

Customized Contracted Training is designed to meet the training and educational needs of businesses, industry, and government organizations in support of economic development and community enrichment. All classes can be customized to meet the specific training needs of the client organization’s employees, and training can be conducted on-site or on-campus depending upon client preference.

Program designers and instructors work closely with management and labor representatives to be certain that all training supports the overall business goals as well as the corporate culture and values of the organization. Short- and long-term evaluation is conducted so as to be certain that employees not only have learned the skills, but that those skills are applied effectively on the job.

Depending upon the content desired and the needs of the client organization, various credentials are available, including:

  • General CEUs
  • Professional CEUs in selected fields
  • Selected industry recognized certifications; and
  • College credit

With our connections to statewide and regional colleges and universities as well as resources for video conference and web-based training, Eastern Shore Community College (ESCC) can bring a world of training and development opportunities to your local Eastern Shore workforce.

We evaluate and monitor the quality of all programs, whether they are our own, or whether we broker them in from one of our many partner training providers. As a neutral broker, we will look out for your needs in the often confusing training marketplace.

Whenever your organization needs training, let ESCC do the shopping and negotiating for you. The package you get will be tailored for your specific needs and will often be more cost efficient as well.

Additional courses can be designed or brokered. Using our extensive network of training providers, ESCC can insure your company gets the best service possible even for complex, multi-faceted projects. We get you the best specialist for each phase of the project, and because we work with so many providers, we are able to negotiate the best price possible as well.

ESCC is committed to hiring trainers and facilitators that are not only academically credentialed, but also highly experienced in “real world” business situations. Our trainers are committed to providing extensive “hands-on” experience to participants along with the necessary theory behind the practice. This practical approach to teaching insures that employee participants learn valuable skills in class that they can apply immediately in the workplace.

Other Business Needs

Help With Employee Recruitment and Selection

Reserve Space for Meetings or Interviews