Workforce Summit Will Be Rescheduled


Collaborative Effort Lends Ears to Shore Employers

(Update: This event will be rescheduled)

The ESVA Chamber, the Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission, and Your Eastern Shore Community College are hosting a Workforce Development Summit, in a bold effort to help plan for and meet the workforce needs of the Shore.

Whether you are an ESVA business owner, C.E.O., Executive Director, Town Manager, or a Human Resources Director, we need YOU in attendance. In this listening session, our organizations will learn first-hand from YOU the employers of the Shore what jobs are needed and what skills are essential to perform well the jobs that you provide in your business.

IMPORTANT: We need representation ALL of our employment sectors. We also need representation from our “0-10 employee” employers as much as we need the largest employees on the Shore in attendance.

(Update: This event will be rescheduled)

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*This event is specifically for senior business representatives and employers. Due to limited seating, organizers reserve the right to prioritize attendees.