Psychology Classes Offer Many Benefits


 “I had no idea how practical the information I learned in psychology is,” says Victoria Thornton who completed the course this semester. “It’s helped me better understand others and has empowered me to be a better communicator.” (Victoria is pictured above with Dr. Julie Nash)

In colleges across the country psychology is one of the most popular majors. ESCC Professor Julie Nash explains, “Psychology is probably the most interesting class you will take because it focuses on you, the individual. You learn about how people function, why they behave like they do.” 

Dr. Nash poses the question, “Have you ever asked yourself ‘why did I just say that?’ right after you blurt something out?” Dr. Nash explains that we are often curious about the workings of our mind. 

In Dr. Nash’s psychology class, students learn about how unconscious motivations affect behavior. This can also lead to greater understanding and self-control. “By discovering how and what we are motivated by,” Dr. Nash said, “we can monitor and change our behavior for our own benefit.” 

Victoria cites the knowledge she gleaned from psychology as an important reason she was able to secure her current position as Assistant Center Manager at Eastern Shore Rural Health (Atlantic Center). 

A 2018 graduate of Arcadia High School, Victoria is pursuing a degree in Business Management at ESCC, but she plans to transfer and to add a minor in Psychology because she wants to work in the field of gerontology and serve our aging population. 

Victoria says Dr. Nash has had a big influence on her. “This class really helped me focus on my own personality and helped show me what I needed to work on to be successful.” 

Dr. Nash expanded on her class, saying “I look at our psychology classes as a method of allowing people more control of their own behavior and the behavior of others. In Principles of Psychology, you will learn several ways to ethically manipulate your environment to your advantage.” Skills are taught to lower anxiety, depression and raise overall health. 

Through ESCC’s Psychology Club, which Dr. Nash sponsors, students put learning into practice through things like field trips and guided mindfulness training.” She said, “It helps you become a better person for your family, your co-workers, your friends, strangers, and most of all yourself!” 

Vice president of academics, Dr. Patrick Tompkins, noted “Every semester students tell me how Dr. Nash’s classes have changed their lives.” Dr. Nash was honored this year with the Faculty Award for Professional Excellence. 

Dr. Tompkins added, “The developmental psychology course is where you discover how we grow and change over time. The course is about personal growth, which is a huge part of our ‘YES!’ culture.” He concluded, “It’s just another way of ESCC saying to you, “We can help.” 

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