Get Financial Aid and Student Accounts Support 24/7


support center

Eastern Shore Community College offers convenient 24/7 access to financial aid and student accounts support:

• Knowledgeable advisors that can answer questions about your specific financial aid and student account concerns.

• Customized messages delivered to you about your account via phone when you verify yourself.

• No busy signals, long lines, or unreturned voicemails.

• No need to travel to campus, available 24/7 every single day!

The easy to use and comprehensive Self-Help Portal allows you to get answers without picking up the phone.  Valuable information is at your fingertips and available on your PC, tablet or mobile device! 

Automated Tracker
• Your specific Financial Aid and Student Accounts statuses will display, including next steps to resolve any hang up.
Access to Help Articles & Topics
• Financial Aid and Student Accounts questions can be easily searched or choose from a list of FAQs by topic.
Live Chat
• If you aren’t a talker, don’t worry – you can chat with a live advisor anytime!
Web Forms
• Submit a question and receive a response directly to you.

For more information, visit, or call 855-874-6680!