ESCC Student Makes Campus “Sing”


Club expansions to include music

 “Music, and the opportunity to share it with others, has really been shaping who I am,” says Annistin Cardoza, a high school dual enrollment student at Your Eastern Shore Community College. 

Annistin, 16 years old, has been home-schooled and completing her studies at ESCC since last spring. 

“I graduate in 2023!” Annistin excitedly announces as she ponders what the next step will be. “Being exposed to different people, thoughts, and ideas is so helpful and necessary when it comes to starting to figure out what direction I want to take.” 

Often, Annistin can be seen on campus with her guitar in tow. “Working with my church worship team and youth group has spilled over into wanting to share music with others here on campus.” 

Annistin’s songwriting skills received attention this past spring with the Potomac Youth Network and their Fine Arts Competition. Former ESCC student Hanna Bradford and Annistin both placed in the competition, and Annistin’s original tune “All the Ways” won first place in her category. 

The first verse of “All the Ways” 

This world could never satisfy the cravings that you fill 

This world will never love me the way I know you will 

All that I am, and all that I can be, 

It feels like a part of myself is waving back at me. 

Annistin Cardoza

“Sometimes it feels like your faith is the only light that you can truly count on, and that’s what the song is about,” Annistin explains. “I wrote the song when I was 14 and it’s helped me through difficult times.” 

Annistin has recently worked on producing a recording and video for the tune which joins about twenty other originals she has composed. As Annistin looks at fields of study ranging from nursing to ministry, she feels confident music will remain a constant in her life. Working with ESCC instructor and club sponsor Christina Duffman, Annistin is starting a music club at the college. 

Annistin says, “I see this as such a great opportunity to bring people together and maybe even jump start some other students’ interest in both playing and appreciating music of all types.” 

Christina adds, “The club offerings at ESCC are growing! Annistin’s enthusiasm for a music club was inspired by students in other ESCC clubs. We are all very excited about the possibilities.” 

Annistin observes, “I see students with AirPods on campus all the time, and I always think how cool would it be to share with each other what we’re listening to and to discuss it.” 

Annistin sees potential in teaching opportunities as well. “I’d love to see an atmosphere where one student can show each other chords on a guitar and also perform and play together.” 

ESCC president Dr. Shaeffer notes that ESCC offers programs to students from age 16 to 76. “That’s why our YES! culture stands for Your Eastern Shore. The college belongs to you and to everyone else on the Shore, that’s what ESCC means by inclusion.” 

He explains, “We have programs for high school dual enrollment, English as a second language, GED, college transfer, programs that lead directly to jobs, basically something for everyone.” 

Christina adds, “But it’s more than just classes and programs. We have a vibrant college community where all are welcome. We truly enjoy growing together.” 

That growth can now include notes and melodies thanks to Annistin and her future fellow club members.