ESCC Offers Early Childhood Education Degrees

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Melfa, VAThe first five years of a child’s life are absolutely the most important period for any child’s emotional and intellectual development.  In that time children create the foundations for almost everything they will become, from their most basic physical functions to an array of complicated emotional and social skills.  Although family should play the primary role in fulfilling all these essential requirements, early childhood education can provide an important supplement and prepare children for kindergarten and all their future learning.

Have you ever considered a career working with young children?  Being a childcare professional can be a rewarding, respected and important career.  If you have ever dreamed of being a teacher or working with small children or in a school, that possibility may be more achievable than you ever imagined.  Eastern Shore Community College offers two programs that could start you on a path to a career in Early Childhood Education.  

ESCC offers a 15 credit Career Studies Certificate that can be completed in only two semesters.  This certificate covers the basics of Early Childhood Education as well as offering a course in Health and Safety for young children.  After you successfully complete the required five courses, you will be eligible to obtain employment with both private and public early childhood education providers. 

ESCC also offers a 67 credit AAS degree in Early Childhood Education.  The AAS degree can be completed in as little as two years.  Upon completion of the degree program you will have the skills necessary to obtain employment as a teacher in an early childhood education setting. 

Financial Aid is available for both of these programs.  If you are interested in entering the field of early childhood education and want to learn more about these programs, please contact the college at 757-789-1789.


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