ESCC MAClub Assists UW


ESCC Medical Assisting Club Gives to the United Way
The Medical Assisting Club, AKA MAClub, is one of many clubs on the campus of ESCC.  For the first time, the club agreed to assist the United Way with the Campaign Kickoff Breakfast.  The group solicited support from several companies on the Eastern Shore such as Food Lion in Cape Charles, Exmore and Onley, The Island House Restaurant, and McDonald’s in Onley.  Historically this breakfast was held at another venue.  The students wanted to support the campaign’s message of “Give where you live”!

On September 24th, the group hosted the United Way breakfast in the WDC Great Hall.  The MAClub prepared a wonderful breakfast and employed many of their learned and required skill sets to perform in the health care industry. One hundred guests gathered to prepare their organizations to raise funds for our community.  Many respected leaders from organizations such as the public school systems, Perdue, Tysons, law enforcement, health care agencies, CBBT and politicians were in attendance.

Vonta Leach, a former Baltimore Raven, was the guest speaker.  Vonta served as his team’s ambassador for the United Way. It was great to see and feel the excitement of a former NFL player on the ESCC campus.

Following the event, the MAClub received congratulations for a “job well done” from many of the attendees.  Their success was solidified by a request to prepare the closing ceremony breakfast in the spring of 2016.  The question was posed to the students by the executive director, Dawn Byrd, and chairman of the UW campaign committee, Bill Sterling.  The students responded with a resounding “yes”!!


MAClub 2015