Brothers Succeed On Different Paths at ESCC


Brothers Andy and Edson Gomez can be seen on the campus at Eastern Shore Community College, but usually not at the same time or together. The two have a common ground of successfully pursuing their goals at ESCC, albeit in very different areas of study. Andy commented that “we know that the other is here and we’re supportive of one another, but we are concentrated on taking care of business.” 

On one end of ESCC’s program offerings is Andy, who graduated from Nandua High School in 2020. “I have family members in healthcare, and friends too. My aunt is actually also in nursing school.” Andy will graduate from the LPN Program at the college in August, at which time he will be looking to progress on to the RN Program. 

“It’s all so new to me. I have been working really hard to soak up every bit of experience.” Andy continued, “From clinicals and experience at the hospital and in the local school systems, our class has been given great opportunities and learning environments.” 

“We are in a class of 14 and our instructors, Ms. Nordstrom and Ms. Bennett, are so supportive and are always there when we need reinforcement on the skills and materials.” Andy says he especially appreciates this approach when forming the fundamentals for what he plans to be a long and successful career in healthcare. 

Andy’s brother Edson graduated from Arcadia High School in 2019. “I spent lots of time really researching careers and determining what I would find interesting, enjoyable, and rewarding.” Edson concluded that welding could provide a career that could cover all of those bases. 

“Internships provide a great hands-on opportunity to perfect your skills.” Edson continued, “I’ve been able to work with Coastal Precast and gain valuable time and experience behind the torch. Welding is a skill that takes time to master, and I’ve been fortunate to watch my skills grow along with my opportunities, as my internship resulted in a full-time position.” 

Edson graduated from ESCC this month with a Technical Studies degree in Welding, and an HVAC Certificate. “I feel like I’m building up everything I need to meet my goals, which ultimately will be becoming a business owner utilizing the skillsets I’ve acquired here at Eastern Shore Community College.” 

For pursuing paths that are so very different, Andy and Edson will always share a common denominator of utilizing the local resource of Eastern Shore Community College for establishing skills that lead directly to in-demand and rewarding careers. The college’s culture of “YES!” (Your Eastern Shore) speaks to providing students the opportunity to find encouragement and support for achieving their goals. Andy and Edson just added another great example of how it works so well. 

Summer and Fall Class Registration is underway at ESCC. Summer classes begin June 5th and Fall Classes begin on August 21st. Call 757-789-1720 or email for assistance. 

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