“Bring Your Dreams”


ESCC Can Help Students with the Rest!

Sometimes it seems that our paths are clear – we cannot only imagine, we can see where we will be in three months, six months, one year, or perhaps even further in the future.  We know what we want to do with our careers and our lives, and we have a plan all laid out. But more times than not, we don’t have a crystal ball.

We may not even have a clue as to what it is that we want to do, let alone how to get there.  There seem to be so many choices and so many hurdles that it’s hard to know where to start.  And life is busy with tasks and responsibilities so that there’s little time left to dream and then plan for them to come true. 

Here’s how we look at it at Your Eastern Shore Community College—bring your dreams, we can help.

We can help parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles at home taking care of families. We can help the guy who graduated high school and went straight to work, but now wonders, “What’s my future look like?” And we can help the woman who has not yet dared to dream. We encourage you, “Dare to contact YOUR Eastern Shore College.” We can help.

Few of us really know how wide the world is. Did you ever think you could be a venture capitalist, an electronics technician, a coder, a disabilities counselor, a hospitality manager, a speech therapist, a marine welder, a public health officer, or an actuary? These are great professions, but many people have never heard of them.

At Your Eastern Shore – we are your YES! – and we are here to help you explore your interests and talents, some of them you yourself may not even know about. 

When you were born, you were a promise to the world, a promise of potential and a gift to humanity. But what is your specific promise? We can help you take a thought in the back of your head, or from years ago, or a quiet hope, and then imagine the dream, build the plan, and become who you truly can be.

Your Eastern Shore coaches and advisors are experts at listening and helping you uncover the paths that are available to you. The college offers over 30 programs that may be free to you with the assistance of our multiple grant, scholarship, and financial aid options.  

Here’s our YES! Tuition Promise—we promise that if you wish to enroll, we’ll rake up every dollar of financial aid available to you. The majority of our students do not pay full price, and many attend completely free of charge. That could be you.

You could have a new career and a new job in as little as two months. Our career programs lead directly to employment in fields like drones, health care, information technology, truck driving, and electricity.

Or, in just two years, we can help you transfer to any public college in Virginia—guaranteed! YES! you, no matter your background, you can transfer to the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, William & Mary…imagine that degree hanging on YOUR wall.

Wait, don’t put this paper down just yet. Don’t let the month or day of the week get in your way of planning.  Make a very small plan, a plan to contact us. You can simply ask us, “What do you have that could be my dream?” Our classes start all throughout the year. 

Our newest support system is Contact to Career. It’s basically what is described above—you contact us and from that first contact we’ll stick with you all the way until you complete your educational program. Do you have obstacles to enrolling and completing? Everybody does. Our students graduate because we provide solutions and support. We can connect you with internships up and down the Shore that often lead directly to permanent jobs.

Come see us at YES! – Your Eastern Shore Community College.  We are waiting at our front doors, on the phone, and online. Need a dream? We can help. Need a plan? We can help. Need support along the way? We can help.

Contact Your Eastern Shore Community College at studentservices@es.vccs.edu or (757)789-1720.