Benefits of Dual-Enrollment at ESCC


 “Dual-Enrollment through Eastern Shore Community College has a way of bringing so many things into focus for students like me,” said April Perry of Greenbush. 

April enrolled in the General Studies transfer program at ESCC after graduating from Nandua High School in 2021. While in high school, April completed several ESCC courses in English and Math through the dual enrollment program. “My older sister Tracy took advantage of it, so figured I would too,” April said. “The best part was that it was challenging, but in a good way. With the patience and support of your instructors, you quickly find the discipline you need to succeed!” 

In her General Studies program, April has enjoyed exposure to a number of career fields, perhaps even as a psychology teacher. Last summer she was able to take advantage of the “Take Two” program that offers up to two free classes to recent high school grads at no cost. 

April said, “I’m still considering my options, but the reason I have options to consider is because I’ve met and received support here from so many—Professor Duffman, Dr. Foxworthy, Mr. Walker, and others.” 

ESCC Career Coach Jenae Sayers helps students make the transition from high school to college-level instruction. She said, “We hear constantly how appreciative high school dual enrollment students are of the opportunity to start college early. Whether they complete a degree at ESCC or another college, ESCC has given them a jump on success.” Eddie Mateo Hernandez is a current dual-enrollment student through Northampton High School. He commented, “I love the freedom of taking classes on ESCC’s campus even though I am still in high school. Also with the small class sizes, I find it easier to be engaged in class.” 

April Perry and Eddie Mateo Hernandez

Like April, Eddie immediately saw the benefit of being exposed to different subjects and fields that may dictate his ultimate decision on a career. He said, “I like the idea of getting to choose what to learn and concentrate on. It’s an advantage to students to have this experience during high school.” 

Eddie graduated with an associate degree in May and with a diploma from high school in June. Eddie said “I’m still deciding on my next step, but I’m pretty sure it will be welding. I may start that here at ESCC and continue on to other trade school experience as well.” Ultimately, Eddie would like to own his own business. 

ESCC vice president Dr. Patrick Tompkins noted that dual enrollment programs allow students to shorten their time in college, gain valuable college-level experience while still in high school and save both time and money after high school.

ESCC offers dual enrollment in Northampton and Accomack Counties and at Broadwater. Tompkins said, “Some students don’t think they are ready for dual enrollment classes, but they are. Our YES! philosophy of service and opportunity are focused on success. High school students or their parents should contact us—we can help.” Learn more about Dual Enrollment at ESCC by contacting Jenae Sayers at 757-789-1796.