2015 Science Fair Winners Announced

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Melfa, VA — Robin Rich-Coates, Associate Professor of Biology/Chemistry at Eastern Shore Community College, has announced the names of the winners of the college’s annual science fair held Saturday, April 25. The Fair is designed to give kindergarten through twelfth grade students the opportunity to feature exhibits of projects, working models, or other visual presentations that demonstrate scientific principles or solve problems using the scientific method.
To assure equitable competition, there was a Lower Primary Division (kindergarten and first grade); an Upper Primary Division (second and third grade); an Elementary Division (fourth and fifth grade); a Middle School Division (sixth, seventh and eighth grades); and a High School Division.  All students received certificates of participation. Trophies were awarded to all winners.  Fifty dollar gift cards were given to first place and environmental project winners in each division.  Second and third place winners each received a twenty-five dollar gift certificate.

Lower Primary Division

1st Place                    Grayson Ford (Metompkin Elementary) Egg-Cellent Packaging

2nd Place                  Gyan Baiju (Metompkin Elementary) Climate Change in a Bottle

3rd Place                  Abigail Zodun (Occohannock Elementary) Wetting My Plants

Hon. Mention       Ashley Zodon (Occohannock Elementary) Saving Water at Bathtime

Hon. Mention       Ricci-Mckenzie Sullivan (Kiptopeke Elementary) Would You Drink It?

Environmental     Gyan Baiju (Metompkin Elementary) Climate Change in a Bottle

Upper Primary Division

1st Place                   Patrick Sullivan (Kiptopeke Elementary) Why We Need to Protect our Soil

2nd Place                 Caleb Perry (Home Schooled) Does Blade Size Matter?

3rd Place                  Tyler Zodun (Occohannock Elementary) Lettuce Have Light

Hon. Mention       Ethan White (Kiptopeke Elementary) The Solar House

Hon. Mention       Jordan Penland (Accawmacke Elementary) Memory Through the Ages

Environmental    Patrick Sullivan (Kiptopeke Elementary) Why We Need to Protect our Soil

Elementary Division

1st Place                   Bethany Carpenter (Shore Christian Academy) Higher Nitrate Leaching: Organic vs. Inorganic Fertilizer

2nd Place                 Suzanna Long (Broadwater Academy) CSI Figerprints

3rd Place                  Aspen Perry (Home Schooled) Is Wasting Waste Wasteful?

Hon. Mention       Garrett Miles (Broadwater Academy) Oyster Salinity

Hon. Mention       Daniel Rodriquez (Metompkin Elementary) How to Make a Better Using Vinegar

Environmental     Bethany Carpenter (Shore Christian Academy) Higher Nitrate Leaching: Organic vs. Inorganic Fertilizer

Middle School Division

1st Place                       Goutham Baiju (Arcadia Middle) Electromagnetism

2nd Place                      Alexandra Penland (Nandua Middle) Musical Memory

3rd Place                       Cecil Bundick (Arcadia Middle) No WiFi Why?

Hon. Mention       Joe Curry (Northampton Middle) Rust Race

Hon. Mention       Kalei Worthinton (Nandua Middle) Going Green with Manure

Environmental             Ava Salm (Broadwater Academy) The Effects of Acid Rain on Spirogyra

High School Division

1st Place                  Lauren McClaskey (Broadwater Academy) Does Age Affect Learning Styles?

2nd Place                 Anna Sexauer (Broadwater Academy) Which Type of Soil Provides an Environment Suited for Bacterial Growth?

3rd Place                  Matthew Behrens (Broadwater Academy) Does the Percentage of Fertilizer Affect Plant Grown?    

Hon. Mention       Kayce Baker & Mazcodaline Jeantine (Arcadia High School) Apocalips

Hon. Mention       David Helms (Shore Christian Academy) Torturous Smoke

Environmental    Olivia Kellam (Broadwater Academy) What Kills Grass Quicker?


Winner Photos  (all from left to right)

 Lower  Primary








Abigail Zodun, Ashley Zodun, Ricci-Mckenzie Sullivan, Gyan Baiju, Grayson Ford

 Upper Primary









Jordan Penland, Ethan White, Patrick Sullivan, Tyler Zodun, Caleb Perry










Bethany Carpenter, Daniel Rodriquez, Garrett Miles, Suzanna Long, Aspen Perry

Middle School









Ava Salm, Alexandra Penland, Kailei Worthington, Goutham Baiju

High School









Kayce Baker, Mazcdaline Jeantine, Olivia Kellam, Lauren McClaskey, Matthew Behrens, Anna Sexauer, David Helms

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