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Get a Clue!

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Information Literacy QEP

The college has a five-year Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that will enhance student learning and success with information literacy skills. The QEP is en titled, “Get a CLUE!” CLUE stands for conceptualize, locate, utilize, and evaluate – all skills needed to be information literate.

Learning outcomes are the steps students need to take to do a quality research paper or project. The Learning Resouces Center staff and Faculty Members will be working with students to develop and enhance these skills.

The following are the expected student learning outcomes for the plan:

I. CONCEPTUALIZE: Formulating a question

A. Students will be able to identify a topic according to the assignment requirements.
B. Students will be able to refine the topic.
C. Students will be able to organize their work.

II. LOCATE: Accessing Information

A. Students will be able to understand how information is organized (libraries, electronic sources, etc.)
B. Students will be able to understand the terms associated with conventional and Web-based research (Boolean, truncation, nesting, etc.)
C. Students will be able to efficiently browse and use resources to locate useful information by creating a search strategy using materials indicated:

  • Library catalogs
  • Databases
  • Internet search engines
  • Field research

D. Students will be able to judge whether information sources (Web pages, online journal articles, databases) contain appropriately current, pertinent, and accurate information.

 III. UTILIZE: Developing a cohesive answer/product based on the information

A. Students will be able to record the information in such a way to make it accessible and useful (e.g. document files, note cards, outline, etc.).
B. Students will be able to apply and integrate the information to create a product.

IV. EVALUATE: Assessing the appropriateness of finished product and the quality of the information utilized

A. Students will be able to disseminate/communicate information in a format to make it appropriate to a particular situation/audience.
B. Students will be able to evaluate all steps in the process.