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Transfer Students

Transferring From Another College

Generally, Eastern Shore Community College (ESCC) awards transfer credit for all courses at or above the freshman level in which grades of “C” or better have been earned at regionally accredited colleges and universities.

Transcripts from other colleges must be submitted prior to the end of the first term of enrollment or future registration will not be permitted. Transcripts will be evaluated in a timely manner. Transfer applicants should consult with Admissions Office staff regarding placement tests required by the college.

For your convenience, you can download and print out this form which you can send to your prior college(s): Request for Transcript


Transferring To Another College or University

ESCC offers transfer Associate Degree Programs which are designed to meet lower-division curricular requirements of senior institution baccalaureate programs:

Business Administration
Liberal Arts
General Studies
General Education Certificate


Action Plan For Transferring

If you have entered ESCC with plans to transfer to another college, here is a good plan of action:

Find out about Virginia’s community college guaranteed admissions agreements with more than 22 college and universities. Click here to find more information.

Use the Virginia Education Wizard to find information on transfer opportunities, guaranteed admissions agreements, planning steps for transfer, and the Community College Transfer Grant.

Contact a transfer counselor at the institution to which you plan to transfer. Discuss your transfer plans and seek their advice on courses you should take while at ESCC.

This transfer counselor can be a valuable resource, alerting you about their institution’s preference of transfer courses. This is particularly important if you plan to transfer out-of-state.

Make good use of your ESCC Faculty Advisor and of the ESCC counseling staff. They can provide you with college catalogs, transfer guides, and a wealth of knowledge about the transfer process.

Visit with senior college admissions representatives when they are on the ESCC campus. Watch for the announcements of their visits during the year.

Check the internet for Electronic Transfer Guides and other information about transfer institutions.

Visit the campus of the college you are considering. You wouldn’t buy a car without first test driving it. Likewise, you shouldn’t transfer without visiting the campus. College catalogs and viewbooks show you one picture of a college. A campus visit can sometimes tell a completely different story. Ask questions of some of the students. Read the school newspaper to get an idea of the major issues on campus. Ask to attend or sit-in a class or two. Talk with the admissions office and the financial aid department.

For your convenience, you can download and print out a Request for Transcript  which you can send to your desired college(s). You can also make the request online using the VCCS Student Information System.

Opportunities For High School Students

You may earn college credit while you are enrolled in high school. By taking advantage of the opportunity to attend Eastern Shore Community College part time during high school and to participate in dual enrollment classes at your high school, you could earn as much as a year of college credit before high school graduation.

You must pass the college entrance tests to qualify for English and math courses and advanced college courses. You may use credit toward an ESCC degree or transfer your credit to the college of your choice.

Courses at ESCC

During high school, you may take up to two college courses each semester through the early admission program; credit will be held for you until you graduate from high school.

Courses are open to you on a space-available basis; if seats are limited, highest priority will be given to seniors and lowest to freshmen. For more information, you may speak with an ESCC counselor or check the most recent version of the Catalog and Student Handbook.

Dual Enrollment Courses

ESCC has an agreement with Accomack County Public Schools, Northampton County Public Schools, and Broadwater Academy to offer college courses in the high schools. If you qualify, you may take these courses as part of your regular high school program.

You will receive credit toward your high school graduation and on your ESCC record. This college credit may be used toward your high school graduation. Ask your high school guidance counselor for information on dual enrollment courses.