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Advanced Standing

CLEP: College Level Examination Program

A student who believes that previous study, training, or work experience may change course requirements of specific curricula should consult the student services office before registering for classes. At least 25% of the requirements for a degree or certificate must be completed at Eastern Shore Community College. Credit is not formally awarded until the requirements for curricular admission are completed.

Credit By Examination

  1. Advanced Standing Testing Services
    Eastern Shore Community College is designated as an Educational Testing Services Limited Testing Center. This means that CLEP and other testing for credit through examination area available only to currently enrolled students.
  2. Advanced Standing Information
    Students may be eligible for advanced standing when previous studies have provided them with the knowledge and skills required in a course. Eastern Shore Community College may grant credit in appropriate courses on the basis of proficiency examinations. The proficiency examinations currently accepted by the college are:

    • College Board Advanced Placement (AP);
    • College Level Examination Program (CLEP); and,
    • Eastern Shore Community College Departmental Challenge Examinations

    It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the official examination results are sent directly to the college.

  3. Evaluation of C.L.E.P. and Advance Placement Credit and Examination Scores
    • College Level Examination Program (C.L.E.P.)
      Eastern Shore Community College may grant credit in appropriate courses on the basis of C.L.E.P. examination results when the student scores at or above the minimum level suggested by the American Council on Education.
    • Advanced Placement:
      Eastern Shore Community College may grant credit in appropriate courses on the basis of Advanced Placement Examination results. Eastern Shore Community College recognizes that Advanced Placement Examination scores of 3, 4 and 5 reflect different levels of the student’s mastery of the course content. As a result, the credit granted or course waivers that may be awarded by the college will differ based on the student’s individual scores.
  4. Advanced Standing Credit and Certificate or Curricular Program Maximums
    Based on the student’s scores on the proficiency examinations, the maximum total number of credit hours that a student enrolled in a Certificate Program may be granted is the lesser of fifty percent (50%) of the credits required by the Certificate or fifteen (15) credit hours. See notes (1) and (2) below. Students enrolled in the Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree Program may be granted a maximum of the lesser of fifty percent (50%) of the credits required by the Degree or thirty (30) credit hours. See notes (1) and (2) below. Students who plan to transfer to another college or university are responsible for determining if the institution they plan to attend will accept advance-standing credits awarded by Eastern Shore Community College.
    (1) In some cases, a department will not accept credit for core courses in the major or prerequisites. All guidelines are subject to change by student services or the academic department awarding credit. (2)The maximum number of credit hours that may be granted is the combined total from all proficiency exams accepted by the college.
  5. Using C.L.E.P. to Earn Credit for the Second Course in a Two Course Sequence
    Once a student has enrolled in the first course of a two-course sequence, (e.g. Biology 101 and 102, Mathematics 163 and 164, etc.) a student may not use the C.L.E.P. exam to earn credit for the second course in the sequence unless a separate C.L.E.P. exam is offered for each of the two courses in the sequence. For additional information concerning Eastern Shore Community College’s Advanced Standing policies, please contact the office of student services.

Credit For Educational Experiences In The Armed Services

The college follows the American Council on Education guidelines in awarding credit for educational experiences in the armed services, Project Ahead. In this plan, enlistees in the Armed Forces select curricula, which will be observed when courses are taken during military service. After military service, enlistees transfer their credits to Eastern Shore Community College and continue their programs.

Veterans, active members of the military, and certified emergency medical technicians who provide proof of eligibility may receive two (2) credits toward fulfillment of the HLT/PED (Health or Physical Education) requirement.