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Standardized Examination Credits

Students may be awarded credit through achieving the college’s minimum scoring requirements on the following standardized examinations: Advanced Placement Examination Program (AP); College-Level Examination Program (CLEP); Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES); and higher-level International Baccalaureate courses (IB). Minimum score requirements and their ESCC equivalent are below.

The awarding of credit through standardized examinations shall be given, to the extent possible, to courses listed in the current ESCC Catalog. In certain instances, credit may be awarded for courses listed in the Virginia Community College System Master Course File (MCF).

Official test scores must be directed from the testing agency to ESCC’s Registrar at

1. Advanced Placement Examination Program (AP)

The College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) administers advanced placement examinations that enable high school students to complete college-level courses while still in high school, to demonstrate college-level achievements through examinations, and to receive college course credit when they matriculate at an institution of higher learning. AP credit is only awarded to students who are enrolled in classes at ESCC and are curriculum-placed, and who earn a score of 3 or higher. For evaluation, students must have official AP score reports from ETS forwarded to the Admissions and Records Office at ESCC. AP courses and their ESCC equivalent are as follows:

Examination Course Equivalent Credit
Art HistoryART 101-1026
BiologyBIO 101-1028
ChemistryCHM 111-1128
Chinese language and CultureCHI 201-2026
Computer Science ABCSC 2013
Economics, MacroECO 2013
Economics, MicroECO 2023
English Language & CompositionENG 111-1126
Environmental ScienceENV 121-1228
French LanguageFRE 201-2026
French LiteratureFRE 233-2346
GermanGER 201-2026
Government & Politics/ComparativePLS 1203
Government & Politics/U.S.PLS 2113
History, U.S.HIS 121-1226
History, EuropeanHIS 101-1026
History, WorldHIS 111-1126
Human GeographyGEO 2103
Japanese language and CultureJPN 201-2026
Latin/Literature or VirgilLAT 201-2026
Mathematics (Calculus AB)MTH 2634
Mathematics (Calculus BC)MTH 2648
Music TheoryMUS 111-1128
Physics BPHY 201-2028
Physics C/MechanicsPHY 2414
Physics C/Electricity & MagnetismPHY 2424
PsychologyPSY 200-2034
Spanish LanguageSPA 201-2026
Spanish LiteratureSPA 233-234 or SPA 271-2726
StatisticsMTH 2453

2. College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP is a national program of credit-by-examination that offers students the opportunity to document their existing knowledge for 100 and 200 level collegiate courses.  Eastern Shore Community College accepts most of the CLEP exams, and uses the American Council on Education recommended minimum score of 50 for most tests when awarding CLEP credit.  For higher level courses, the minimum score may be higher and as noted.

CLEP examinations are administered at Eastern Shore Community College by the Testing Center. CLEP examinations are not administered at Eastern Shore during the last two weeks of a semester or during the final examination period. CLEP courses and their ESCC equivalent are as follows:

Exam Title Minimum   



ESCC Equivalent Course(s) Credits   



American Government50PLS 211 & PLS 2126
American Literature50ENG 241 & 2426
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature50ENG 251 & 2526
Biology50BIO 101 & 1028
Calculus50MTH 263 or 2703
Chemistry50CHM 111 & 1128
College Composition50ENG 111 & ENG 1126
English Literature50ENG 243 & 2446
Financial Accounting50ACC 2113
French Language50FRE 101 & 1028
French Language59FRE 101 & 102 and FRE 201 & 20214
German Language50GER  101 & 1028
German Language60GER 101 & 102 and GER 201 & 20214
History of the US I:  Colonization to 187750HIS 1213
History of the US II:  1865 to Present50HIS 1223
Human Growth and Development50PSY 2303
Humanities50HUM 201 & HUM 2026
Information Systems & Computer Applications50ITE 1153
Introductory Business Law50BUS 2413
Introductory Psychology50PSY 2003
Introductory Sociology50SOC 2003
Precalculus50MTH 161 & MTH 1626
Principles of Macroeconomics50ECO 2013
Principles of Management50BUS 2003
Principles of Marketing50MKT 1003
Principles of Microeconomics50ECO 2023
Spanish Language50SPA 101 & 1028
Spanish Language63SPA 101 & 102 and SPA 201 &20214
Western Civilization I:  Ancient Near East to 164850HIS 1013
Western Civilization II:  1648 to Present50HIS 1023

3.  Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES)

ESCC awards specific course credit for acceptable scores, as recommended by the American Council on Educations, on DANTES college-level examinations. Several types of examinations are reported: end of course examinations for correspondence; extension courses from regionally accredited colleges and universities; College-Level Tests of General Educational Development given prior to 1960; and General Examination of the College-Level Examination Program. Also, college course credits may be granted for tests administered by the United States Armed Forces Institutes (USAFI) prior to June 1, 1974. Scores at the 40th percentile and above are accepted by ESCC. Scores at the 20th percentile and above are accepted for DANTES exams taken prior to September 1981. A complete listing of current and prior tests and recommended scores may be found in ACE’s 2004 Guide to Educational Credit by Examination.

4.   International Baccalaureate (IB)

Students completing the Higher Level exams for International Baccalaureate may be granted academic credit for these exams if a score of 5 or above is achieved.  IB courses and their ESCC equivalent are as follows:

IB Examination Score of 5 Scores of 6 & 7
BiologyBIO 101, 4 cr.BIO 101-102, 8 cr.
ChemistryCHM 111, 4 cr.CHM 111-112, 8 cr.
Computing StudiesCSC 201, 4 cr.CSC 201-202, 8 cr.
English A1ENG 111, 3 cr.ENG 111-112, 6 cr.
English BENG 111, 3 cr.ENG 111, 3 cr.
French A1 or BFRE 101-102, no cr.FRE 201-202, 6 cr.
German A1 or BGER 101-102, no cr.GER 201-202, 6 cr.
GeographyGEO 220, 3 cr.GEO 205, 220, 7 cr.
HistoryHIS 101, 3 cr.HIS 101-102, 6 cr.
History of the Americas(only if 5, 6, or 7)HIS Elective, 6 cr.
MathematicsMTH 263, 4 cr.MTH 263-264, 8 cr.
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