Opportunities for Enhanced Programmatic Offerings Progress Report

These updates have been prepared by Dr. Kellie Sorey, Interim Vice-President of Academics and Student Affairs at ESCC.  For additional information or questions on these updates, please call 757-789-1725 or email ksorey@es.vccs.edu.


March 29, 2019

At the March 29, 2019, meeting, the Implementation Committee reviewed curriculum matters and possible programming options, primarily discussing curriculum alignment in order to create efficiencies in programming offered at both ESCC and TCC.  The various options can be found in the Academic Programming Recommendations.


March 11, 2019

At the March 11, 2019, meeting of the larger Implementation Committee, discussion took place regarding Academics including those areas impacting programming and program offerings.  There are certain functions that need to remain at ESCC, such as curriculum development review, approval, management, and assessment.  The committee believes distance learning, both synchronous and asynchronous, is key to enhancing program offerings for ESCC. Other items for consideration include the following:

  • TCC sharing automotive curriculum with Arcadia High School instructor, potentially beginning Fall 2019
  • Eastern Shore Public Library possibilities (interlibrary loans, space, staffing)
  • Front Street Shipyard relocating to Cape Charles (diesel marine technicians, riggers, etc.)
  • Business incubator (workforce) due to small businesses/entrepreneurship
  • Community Learning Center/Workforce


February 14, 2019

On February 14, 2019, as part of the larger Implementation Committee meeting, there was brief discussion regarding the possibility of specific programs being combined or moved from one college to another in order to enhance offerings and gain efficiencies.  The plan is to explore a wide range of options, which may include ESCC partnering with TCC on distance learning and cohorts.


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