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President’s Message


In October 2018, Eastern Shore Community College underwent a detailed assessment to examine the College’s role in our community and to identify ways that we can better and more efficiently pursue our mission. The assessment team’s work focused on student access; program quality; teaching and learning; student support services; and community impact. The process entailed significant data collection, as well as capturing the experience and perspective of students, faculty, staff, administration, and the Eastern Shore community. The results of the assessment led to a set of goals and objectives to for the next three years.  This three-year reboot period will be focused on increasing the College’s efficiency and effectiveness in meeting the educational and training needs of the Eastern Shore.  I see this as an opportunity to bolster ESCC – enabling us to offer the people we serve opportunities that our current structure simply cannot provide.


While the plan includes a number of recommendations and suggestions, they really boil down to two directives: decrease administrative costs and increase revenue by serving more students through additional programmatic offerings, some of which can be achieved by partnerships with other Virginia Community Colleges.   Officials from Eastern Shore Community College, Tidewater Community College, and the Virginia Community College System have been meeting since February and have identified a handful of potential partnership opportunities between TCC and ESCC, such as enhancing distance learning, leveraging a college partnership for grant opportunities, and exploring a cohort option for certain programs.  These opportunities, as well as the reduction in administrative costs, will continue to be explored in future meetings. We will share further information on that as it becomes available.


The search for the next permanent president of ESCC is currently underway.  The next ESCC president has an opportunity to do something special: to establish a new best practice model for what a small, rural community college can achieve in the 21st century. This is an exciting time for both our college, and for the entire Shore. Many capable and energetic leaders are attracted to this sort of challenge and opportunity.


As a proud Eastern Shore resident, I have long been thankful for what ESCC offers, and as the college’s interim president, I am proud to be part of a team of such passionate and dedicated professionals. We are as committed today to the students, families, and businesses of the Eastern Shore as we have ever been, and we stand amidst a wonderful opportunity to do more for the people we serve. I hope you share my optimism for the future we will build together.


Dr. William T. Greer, Jr.

Interim President